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Best Choice Save-A-Label Save Labels
Registration Form

Yes, our school/organization wants to participate in the Best Choice Save-A-Label Program! Please send us the Best Choice Save-A-Label Bonus Certificate (worth an additional $30 with 1,000 Best Choice Labels).

PRINT OUT AND COMPLETE THIS FORM AND FAX TO: 913-288-1585 Attention: Kara Wieber,
or Mail to Best Choice Save-A-Label, P.O. Box 2932, Kansas City, Kansas 66110-9987.

Save A Label Form
* Bonus Certificate and Save-A-Label rebate checks will be issued to a school name only. Each school may redeem only one Bonus Label Certificate per year. The Bonus Label Certificate is valid when redeemed with 1,000 Best Choice UPC symbols from your school's collection.
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